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Stanford’s Negotiations with United Electrical, Radio & Machine Workers of America Local 1043, Stanford Graduate Workers Union

As of July 2023, United Electrical, Radio & Machine Workers of America Local 1043, Stanford Graduate Workers Union (UE Local 1043-SGWU) represents most Ph.D., Master’s, and J.D. students enrolled at Stanford University who provide instructional and/or research services for the university.  For a complete definition of UE Local 1043-SGWU, please see the Union FAQs. As contract negotiations get underway in November 2023, we look forward to bargaining in good faith with UE Local 1043-SGWU. 

We recognize and greatly value the many contributions that graduate students make to Stanford’s mission of teaching and research, and will continue to make every effort to understand, appreciate, and be responsive to their needs. Students are at the heart of Stanford’s mission, and we remain dedicated to their well-being and growth. This commitment will guide us throughout negotiations and beyond.

We will provide updates on significant developments during negotiations. 

Negotiation Guiding Principles 

  • Safeguarding the integrity of the university’s teaching and research mission
  • Fulfilling our responsibility to serve the entire university community, understanding implications of negotiated agreements on faculty, staff, postdocs, and other students
  • Ensuring that the university can continue to provide the highest quality educational experience for its graduate students
  • Preserving the faculty-student relationship
  • Maintaining the university’s academic prerogatives, including admission decisions, curriculum and degree requirements, organization of programs, evaluation of academic progress, and assignment of research and teaching assistant roles
  • Ensuring fiscal responsibility
  • Ensuring the university remains a leader in higher education, including by continuing to attract the best graduate students